Here's what's happening now.

A great feature of tracking hundreds of variables at once is that you get vital insights into your operations that you won't get anywhere else. We pull together all parts of your business to get you the best information in real time to help you maximize profits.

Ultimate Data

Beyond our intuitive point of sale functions, Aeris POS provides vital insights into business operations and activity. Analytics are a breakdown of how things happened.  Analytics takes information from various sources, like Sales, Labor, Payment, Discounts and Inventory and combine them with logistics like time, revenue center, location, terminal, store, etc.   When these numbers are broken out into useful segments, they can be compared to other similar segments to provide useful Analytics that help illustrate both good and bad business practices.


Aeris can take these steps further when customers have multiple locations by adding comparisons across stores, regions, districts or geographic locations.




  • Real-time inventory management with data flows to appropriate personnel so they can accommodate a “Just In Time” replenishment process.
  • Determine what is and isn’t selling quickly, and make on-the-fly adjustments to your menu/product offerings and pricing.
  • Review detail on products purchased or food ordered by time of day and location – and in real time.
  • Get minute-by-minute feedback on events and promotions.
  • Send cashier hours, transaction rates and error reports to the sales department the moment they’re available.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive models stem from a subjective analysis of your individual business, tailored to your style and median characteristics of your customer base. Data is collected real time, so that means Aeris Elements can give you reports and alerts immediately making you able to effectively maneuver the ever-changing marketplace with agility and skill.


Predictive analytics help you avoid repeating mistakes, by analyzing past forecasts, comparing them to current trends and pointing out potential problems.


Trends are analytics about the habits of your customers, employees, or stores. They can be pushed to you after certain events or in real time.


Forecasting is the calculation of existing (historical) information that is broken out into different averages to predict future income and costs.

Aeris POS is a real-time, hands-on, instant information type of system that will change your expectations of what a point of sale system should do. We're the best in the business when it comes to providing you with the tools you need to forecast trends and the guidance to make a difference in your establishment.