Aeris Point of Sale for

Fast Casual Restaurants

Expect More from Your POS System

Cloud computing isn't the future, it’s the present. True Cloud-Based computing lets you take control of your business with real time reporting & store centric market trends. That means you get critical information in time to react. Aeris' cutting edge predictive analytics manages small problems before they become big problems. The marketplace isn't the same place it was even a decade ago, and if your current point of sale system isn’t designed to take advantage of those changes, you run the risk of making avoidable, expensive errors.


Try not to get fleeced by those legacy point of sale systems that now claim to be “in the cloud”. It's smoke and mirrors. Most legacy systems will try to convince you that an Internet-based point of sale reporting is cutting-edge technology. Shuffling store reports across the web is not true cloud based computing. A point of Sale system built on yesterday’s technology will always be behind the curve. Are you able to afford to invest another several years on a point of sale system that doesn’t meet today’s demands for real-time, essential information?

Collaboration = Innovation

Aeris POS was created when restaurant innovators sat down with a team of programmers to pitch their ideas for how a point of sale should operate in a restaurant environment. What these tech innovators returned with was a framework for real time reporting, exhaustive analytics, and an adaptable user experience.


Fast Casual is all about limited table service, high quality ingredients, and great service. Aeris POS makes it easy to focus on what makes your brand great, by delivering custom reporting to help you keep tabs on the pulse of your business, no matter how big it gets.

Self Order is the Future

Fast casual restaurants are experimenting with limited self-service kiosks and online ordering, but no one does it quite at our level. Save thousands of dollars on bulky hardware and labor by using customer-facing terminals at your checkout counter, where one employee can offer guidance on up to 5 terminals at once. Most people who come in your door are return customers, so they'll fly through the line, while your employees are free to help those who are at your restaurant for the first time.


Our self-service drive-thru is the first to offer on-screen video assistance and assisted ordering... by utilizing call-center customer service professionals appearing on screen to help guide drive-thru customers during the ordering process. You'll save on labor in-store, and show your customers you truly care about their experience.

Don't Sign the Worst Deal of your Life

The growing trend in point of sale is to offer an inexpensive price point for a point of sale system in exchange for a long term contract with costly ramifications. Some of these offers border on the ridiculous. Merchants, trying to save money when they open for business, will readily sign up for “Free Point of Sale” or an offer that appears to be pennies on the dollar compared to their last purchase of a point of sale. These “once in a lifetime” deals are too good to be true. Over time, the costs can overwhelm a business owner. The software is limited in functionality, the service is unhelpful, and in most cases, there is a tie-in to credit card fees that are above market price. In fact, the growing trend in point of sale is acquisition; one big company bought out by another. Why are companies buying POS companies? Better yet, who is buying up POS companies?


In most of the mergers done in the past few years, the company buying the point of sale software was a credit card provider. They know that a low ball offer for a point of sale system will convince restaurant and retail owners to overlook the pitfalls.


Success in running a restaurant is enough of a gamble without paying less up front for a point of sale service just to pay out more in the long run.


Aeris will treat you right, with fair monthly fees, great software, excellent service and ultra-competitive buy out options.