Aeris Point of Sale for

Full Service Restaurants

Expect More from Your POS System

You hear anything about the "next thing" in computing, you hear about the cloud. True Cloud-Based computing gives you control of your business with instant analytics & market trends. You get the information you need in real-time, so you have time to react before your competitors. Aeris' robust analytics tools manage small problems before they become big problems. The world has changed a lot in the past few decades. If your current POS system isn’t able to handle the changing marketplace, you could be in a world of pain.


Many are taken in by legacy POS systems that swear that they're “in the cloud”. It’s not the same – not even close. Legacy POS systems will try to convince you that web-based reporting is advanced technology. Shuffling store reports across the Internet isn't true cloud computing. A POS system built on yesterday’s technology will always lag behind. Can you afford to invest another 5 years on a lackluster POS system that doesn’t meet today’s demands for instant information? Go with speed, excellence, and excellent service instead of roadblocks, high fees, and incompetence.

Why Aeris is Great for Full Service

Full service puts the customer's experience first. We know you won't get the best experience at a full service restaurant unless your wait staff, kitchen staff, and management are happy. Aeris POS makes operating a restaurant a smooth experience. Our intuitive cloud-based analytic technology keeps all the details at hand so it can recommend ordering more onions, changing the price on a menu item, or even let you know which employees need extra training.


By keeping track of every variable flying through your business, Aeris POS will give you a dashboard view of the parts of your restaurant that are and aren't working, and help you work to make your restaurant the best restaurant it can be.

Nutritional Analysis

Soon, most restaurants will be required to provide nutritional information about every food item they sell. Aeris POS has developed software to analyze your dishes and provide nutritional information for those dishes. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the game.

Don't Sign a Deal You'll Regret Later

The growing trend in Point of Sale is to offer a cheap introductory price for a POS system in exchange for a long term contract with costly ramifications. Some of these offers border on the ridiculous. Merchants, trying to save a few dollars when they finally open, will readily sign up for “Free POS” or an offer that costs less than what they expected a POS to cost. These "Amazing” deals are exactly that, and they could be liable for thousands more than they bargained for. Discounted POS loss-leads are a lot like Black Friday deals – lower quality, lackluster service and support, and incredibly hard to manage. You'll be getting an old, outdated POS. In almost all cases, with your "free POS" you'll sign an agreement with their Credit Card processors that charge above market rates. The trend in the last few years in POS is acquisition; one big company bought out by another. What's abnormal this go-around is that Credit Card processors are buying up POS systems – and that's bad for the consumer.


In the last 2 years of acquisitions, most of the companies acquiring Point of Sale software companies are credit card providers. They are betting that selling the POS system as a loss lead will convince restaurant and retail owners to overlook the pitfalls of higher credit card fees and outrageous early termination buyouts.


Success in business is enough of a gamble without the adding the practice of short term gain in exchange for long term loss.


Aeris will treat you right, with a fair monthly rate, easy to use software, excellent service and reasonable buy out options.