Aeris Point of Sale for

Quick Service Restaurants

Expect More from your POS System

Cloud computing is not the future, it’s the present.  True Cloud-Based computing lets you take control of your business with real time reporting & store centric market trends. That means you get critical information in time to react. Aeris Predictive Analytics manages small problems before they become big problems. Everyone understands the world has changed dramatically in the past decade. If your current POS system isn’t designed to take full advantage of those changes, you run the risk of making unnecessary, costly mistakes.


Don’t be fooled by legacy POS systems that now claim to be “in the cloud”. It’s not the same. Most legacy systems will try to convince you that web based POS reporting is advanced technology. Shuffling store reports across the Internet is not true cloud based computing. A POS system built on yesterday’s technology will always be behind the curve. Can you afford to invest another 5 years on a POS system that doesn’t meet today’s demands for essential information?

Developed for Multi-Store Concepts

As your brand expands, so does the challenge to repeat success. Whether your stores are company owned or franchise operations, it becomes increasingly difficult to instill the business instincts required to successfully react to daily trends. It can take years to recognize and correct small problems before they become big problems. You incentivize your Managers to run your stores like you would. Franchisees pay you for your knowledge and the expertise you bring to their business. To make it work, you create forms, spreadsheets, signage and manuals. You train and retrain. All in an effort to keep every operation cost effective, in an industry where things occur minute by minute.


Through it all you rely on your POS system to do its part and deliver the information it gathers in a manner that you find useful.


What if you had a POS system that does far more; one that delivers critical, real time information beyond the scope of sales transactions and hourly labor? Aeris was developed from the cloud forward. For a decade, Aeris has worked to build a system capable of meeting the challenges that are unique to large, complex companies.


Simply put, Aeris goes far beyond the typical POS system and delivers accurate, critical information.

Don't Sign a Deal You Will Regret

The growing trend in point of sale is to offer a cheap price for a POS system in exchange for a long term contract with costly ramifications. Some of these offers border on the ridiculous. Merchants, trying to save a buck or two when they open for business, will readily sign up for “Free POS” or an offer that appears to be pennies on the dollar compared to their last purchase of POS. These “too good to be true” deals are exactly that. Over time, the costs are very high. The software is limited in scope. The service is sketchy. Typically, there is a tie-in to credit card fees that are above market price. In fact, the growing trend in POS is acquisition; one big company bought out by another. But, it’s not the practice of acquisitions that are unusual; that happens all the time in business. It’s who’s doing the buying.


In most of the mergers done in the past 2 years, the company buying your Point of Sale software is a credit card provider. They know that an overly attractive offer on a POS system will convince restaurant and retail owners to overlook the pitfalls.


Success in business is enough of a gamble without the adding the practice of short term gain in exchange for long term loss.


Aeris will treat you right, with fair monthly fees, great software, excellent service and reasonable buy out options.

Self Order + Self Order Assist

Many QSR restaurants are experimenting with limited self-service kiosks and online ordering, but no one does it quite at our level. Save thousands of dollars on bulky hardware and labor by using customer-facing terminals at your checkout counter, where one employee can offer guidance on upwards of 5 terminals at once. Most people who come in your door are return customers, so they'll fly through the line, while your employees are free to help those who are at your restaurant for the first time.


Our self-service drive-thru is the first to offer on-screen video assistance and assisted ordering by utilizing call-center customer service professionals who appear on screen to help guide drive-thru customers during the ordering process. You'll save on labor in-store, and show your customers you truly care about their experience.