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Predictive analytics Are the Present

True cloud-based computing hands you the reigns over ever-changing inventory with real time reporting & store centric market trends. You'll get critical information in time to react. Aeris Predictive Analytics manages small problems before they become big problems. Everyone understands the world has changed dramatically in the past decade. If your current POS system isn’t designed to take full advantage of those changes, you run the risk of making unnecessary, costly mistakes.


Don’t be fooled by legacy POS systems that now claim to be “in the cloud”. It’s not the same. Most legacy systems will try to convince you that web based POS reporting is advanced technology. Shuffling store reports across the Internet is not true cloud based computing. A POS system built on yesterday’s technology will always be behind the curve. Can you afford to invest another 5 years on a POS system that doesn’t meet today’s demands for essential information?

Retail Therapy

Nobody likes to have way too much stock left over after the season ends. Aeris POS learns your customer's shopping habits, analyzes how much you're selling of each product, and in what frequency, and creates customizable re-ordering schedules so you don't run out — and so you don't go crazy. You don't want your frequent customers to see a dozen shirts they paid full price for on the 99 cent rack.


Your POS can only do so much, which is why Aeris POS is backed by our cloud technology and real time analytics — we're designed to get your inventory running smoothly

Let Us Manage Your Inventory

Aeris POS is the thermometer for what's working and not working in your store. Our system will let you know the hottest items in stock, when to order more, and what new combinations of variables (sizes, colors, fabric) are more likely to sell than others. You want to delight your customers, not frustrate them, so let Aeris let you know ahead of time when something needs to be re-ordered, and stop saying "Sorry, we're sold out."

Don't Sign a Deal You'll Regret

The growing trend in point of sale is to offer a cheap price for a POS system in exchange for a long term contract with costly ramifications. Some of these offers border on the ridiculous. Merchants, trying to save a buck or two when they open for business, will readily sign up for “Free POS” or an offer that appears to be pennies on the dollar compared to their last purchase of POS. These “too good to be true” deals are exactly that. Over time, the costs are very high. The software is limited in scope. The service is sketchy. Typically, there is a tie-in to credit card fees that are above market price. In fact, the growing trend in POS is acquisition; one big company bought out by another. But, it’s not the practice of acquisitions that are unusual; that happens all the time in business. It’s who’s doing the buying.


In most of the mergers done in the past 2 years, the company buying your Point of Sale software is a credit card provider. They know that an overly attractive offer on a POS system will convince restaurant and retail owners to overlook the pitfalls.


Success in business is enough of a gamble without the adding the practice of short term gain in exchange for long term loss.


Aeris will treat you right, with fair monthly fees, great software, excellent service and reasonable buy out options.