True Cloud

The Anatomy of a Cloud

So many companies claim to be "cloud-based", but are just legacy POS systems with limited internet functionality. In contrast, Aeris POS is built from the cloud up to handle all the heavy lifting in the cloud, so your terminals are free to do their thing and talk to each-other.


If your internet goes out, no worries. Your terminals will continue work, gathering analytics to upload once the network is restored.

Real Time Data

Even if you're off-site, you'll receive instant reporting from every aspect of your business on your Aeris Elements online dashboard.


The True Cloud holds several encrypted copies of your data, so you'll never lose sales info.

Fast Recovery

Terminals reboot faster than ever, talk to each other, and get up to speed faster than legacy POS terminals.

See the Future

Our predictive analytics engine will analyze historical data and outside variables to help you anticipate and pre-act.

The True Cloud Difference

Legacy POS

Aeris True Cloud

Back office server installed on-site

  • Expensive to power 24 hours a day
  • Expensive IT maintenance costs

Servers hosted in the Aeris True Cloud

  • No power or maintenance costs

Limited analytics

Unlimited real time analytics

Stationary terminals

Stationary + mobile terminals

Terminals cannot operate without server connection

Terminals operate even if the server is disconnected

Terminal recovery takes forever

Terminals recover quickly