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If your vending machine only accepts cash or coins, you're missing out on an exploding market: Credit Cards. I know you've heard it before: Credit Card transactions are expensive, and buying a new vending machine JUST to accept Credit Cards is a bit out of you budget.


Let us introduce Aeris Vend, the $350 widget that is transforming CC acceptance at vending machines worldwide. It works with any MDB vending machine manufactured from 1994 to today, and runs on our amazing True Cloud technology, letting you edit planograms off-site, know your exact inventory from anywhere, and only bring the merchandise you need to restock. Not only that, but our credit card partners offer lowered fees for vending machine operators so you won't be on the hook for outrageous credit card fees.

Not only can Aeris Vend add to your customer base by introducing a new way to pay, if you're in an office setting, you can have automatic payroll deduction through Value-Added cards, have recharge stations, and even have kiosks that show nutritional info for the products in your vending machines.


Our True Cloud technology makes inventory management as easy and intuitive as you've been asking for. Through our tablet app, you can change planograms on the go, look up real-time analytics, forecast profits, and schedule restocking. Our app runs lightning fast, so you get the best information when you need it.


  • Each Vending Machine can be completely CASHLESS or Cash as an option
  • Allows Customers to “recharge” Value Added cards with Cash or Credit Cards at Recharge Station
  • Can use Value Added Card (Declining Balance Accounts)
  • Can use Proximity Readers to ID Customer
  • Can use Encrypted Credit Cards
  • Can use Payroll Deduction as form of payment
  • Can use Student or Employee ID as form of payment
  • Allows Operators to report Nutrition Analysis to
  • Allows for Tax on Purchase
  • Discount for Cash